Success Stories

“Dr. Dover is amazing and her expertise with pregnancy and chiropractic care is invaluable.  She is personal, helpful and goes above and beyond her job description…Thanks to her, I had a healthy and happy, natural childbirth.  Thank you!” – C. J.


“I began seeing Dr. Dover in 2010 when my daughter was one year old and suffering from frequent ear infections.  We tried conventional medicine (antibiotics) and  homeopathic treatment which, although they helped clear the infections, were not effective at preventing the painfully recurring infections.  Shortly after the Ear, Nose and Throat specialist recommended surgery to place tubes in my daughter’s ears, a friend suggested I try chiropractic care.  I did not have any experience with chiropractors, but assumed they treat back pain only, so was surprised when I learned about the various health benefits of chiropractic [care], as well as it’s role in the prevention of illness and maintenance of good health.  Immediately after beginning chiropractic treatments, my daughter stopped having ear infections…My daughter is now three years old and has not had any further ear infections since she began receiving chiropractic car, has no hearing loss, and thankfully avoided surgery.  She also enjoys an excellent general state of health and is rarely sick.  Her older sister now sees Dr. Dover as needed for health maintenance.  I also received chiropractic adjustments prior to my third pregnancy and throughout the pregnancy to assist with sciatica and general pelvic pain, and my newborn son has been adjusted on several occasions for general health maintenance.  We feel so fortunate to have found this wonderful provider…Dr Dover always takes the time to listen carefully to what is going on with our health and always provides very gentle chiropractic care.” -L.B.


“I was 37 weeks pregnant and my baby was in a transverse position.  My midwife recommended chiropractic.  After just one adjustment my baby turned head down- the best position for birth.  In addition, I was experiencing late pregnancy discomfort in my back, hips and legs.  Twice weekly adjustments helped me feel as good as I could…My labor and delivery at home went very smoothly; I attribute our successful home birth to my body being in alignment, thanks to Dr. Dover’s capable hands!”  -L.N.


“[I had] muscle tightness, poor alignment, joint pain and breech positioning of my baby…[I got results] immediately for muscle tightness and joint creakiness and the baby turned [head down] after two weeks.”  – A.B.