Wellness Care

Wellness care seeks to turn on the natural healing ability.  Wellness care does not add something to the body like standard medical care does.  Instead, it  removes anything that might interfere with normal function.  Wellness care trusts that the body would know what to do if nothing were interfering with it.  Standard medical care, on the other hand, seeks to treat a symptom by adding something from the outside – a medication, a surgery or procedure.

Wellness is a state of optimal health because the body is functioning the way it should.  A wellness approach looks  for causes of imbalance or disruption and makes interventions and lifestyle adjustments to optimize the conditions for normal function.  When the body works properly, it tends to heal effectively.  When the body heals well and maintains itself, you can achieve another level of health that goes beyond “asymptomatic” or “pain-free”.   This reveals an open-ended opportunity for health and a better quality of life.  While we can minimize negative effects on our health, we can’t get rid of them entirely.  Chiropractic wellness care is one solution for helping you deal with the physical, emotional and chemical stresses that you encounter every day.

There is a time and place for every model of healthcare.  By choosing to stay well, you can minimize the need to seek standard medical care- because you are helping your body function optimally!