Coronavirus Update

Friends, these are strange times we’re living through.  My sincere hope for all of you is that you are able to stay healthy and use this time as a gift.  There are silver linings to be found, if we look for them. I have been looking for ways ways to be grateful for the gifts this virus may give us, however unwelcome and unexpected.

How often have we lamented the fast pace of modern life and our inability to jump off the merry-go-round while it’s moving? Many of us feel this acutely. The answer is NOW. We have the opportunity to slow down, heal mentally and transform emotionally and invite the vulnerability of this situation.

Maybe you’ll have time to start that project you’ve been dreaming about, call or FaceTime with a friend you’ve been meaning to contact, read a book, plant some flowers, start a vegetable garden, or play with your kids more than you’re usually able to.  If the silver lining for you is napping more often or catching up on that show you love, rest assured that you’re doing your part for the greater good. There aren’t many times we’ll be able to say that!

One thing is certain, and that is that the lessons we glean from this experience will help us move forward with a new normal. The “old normal” wasn’t working for a lot of us, so this is a great opportunity to reevaluate what wasn’t working and incorporate the things that will make our lives more balanced.

If you are a current patient and you are having a hard time, please reach out to me. I am happy to help if I can. Please read below the letter that you should all be receiving by email. It will also be posted on our Facebook page. Much love to all of you! We will get through this together!

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To our valued Dover Chiropractic Family:

Due to the current coronavirus situation, we are constantly reevaluating how to best protect our patients. Your health is and always will be our #1 priority. We would like to inform you of our efforts to keep our community safe and well.

After receiving guidance from the Maryland Board of Chiropractic, we will be open on a limited basis for the next few weeks. If you are having pain, please let us know. We hope to resume our normal schedule as soon as possible and will keep you posted on our efforts to do so. Chiropractors, as part of the healthcare community, have a responsibility in the prevention and mitigation efforts during this pandemic.

It is our responsibility to manage the urgent needs of our patients during this crisis. By continuing to see our patients who are in acute pain and under active care, we can help alleviate the burden on other health care providers. It is inappropriate to send patients to the office of a medical doctor, hospital emergency room, or other public health settings for musculoskeletal issues unless warranted. These facilities are overwhelmed and will be struggling to handle the increasing surge of patients.

Some of the measures we are taking to protect you while you are in our office include:

  • Our front door will be propped open so that you do not have to touch it on the way in/out of the office.
  • Our appointments will be spaced at intervals to minimize contact with others.
  • We may ask you to pre-pay over the phone to minimize the time you spend in the office.
  • We will ask patients to sign in verbally instead of using the iPad.
  • We will ask patients to use hand sanitizer at the beginning and end of their appointment.
  • We will be following CDC and OSHA standards for disinfecting tables, instruments, and surfaces.

Please stay home if:

  • You are high risk for complications from coronavirus.
  • You have symptoms of coronavirus, or allergies, cold, or flu.
  • You have recently traveled out of state or to a foreign country within the last month.
  • You have recently been hospitalized.

We are committed to the well-being of our patients. We believe the health of our community begins with the healthy individuals. We will continue to take necessary precautions, and follow local, national, CDC, and WHO safety guidelines. We also encourage our wellness family to be proactive and to take positive action towards maintaining their health.
If you have any further questions, please contact us at 410-377-3070


Dr. Laura Dover

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